ULTRA2012 : Minny Pops + guests city marathon

The post-punk era of 1979-83 were one of the most influential times of pop history. Retaining the roots in punk, but more complex and experimental, post-punk constructed the blueprint for modern genres such as gothic rock, industrial, alternative rock and many more.

The Dutch collective ULTRA, short for ultramodern, were successfully riding this post-punk wave. Releasing some of the best experimental pop in Europe. Combining art, music and the energy, rawness and DIY philosophy of punk  with new ideas, methods and technology innovations. And now they are back on it again. Combining the mind state of that era with modern-day art, music and technology. With a 4 day city marathon, from 8 untill 11 March, headlined by ultra-figureheads Minny Pops and many others.

After 30 years Minny Pops is back. Incendiary Magazine, and many others, put a lot of work into it to get Wally and consorts performing live again. Together with Dutch prodigies Rats on Rafts,  Jack and the Beanstalks , talented and undefinable Womb and the Slits guitarist Viv Albertine  they recently concluded a successful UK tour. You can read the entire tour review by Incendiary Magazine here.

And now Minny Pops is back in the Low Countries to perform in a variety of surprising locations and configurations. These nights will combine the original movers with artist and bands who are currently exploring the borders. The four cities they attend are : Nijmegen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Every night will be different with unique performances, guest appearances and DJ sets. The  composition of these nights will be the following.

Thursday 8 march: NIJMEGEN, Extrapool + Onderbroek
The kickoff is in Nijmegen. For this occasion Ties van der Linden (Vice) and Laszlo Panyigay (Mekanik Kommando) will perform as MK-12. They will remix tracks from Mekanik Kommando’s debutalbum. Also Distel performs and remixes tracks from Mekanik Kommando’s debutalbum. Wieman (f.k.a. zébra) will reinterpretate songs of Minny Pops. Bertin , The Dear Listeners, Donné et Desirée, Belchsingersonggrinder and DJ Dance To The Radio are the modern bands present this evening. The night will start with a movie and interview with veterans of Ultra.

Friday 9 March: EINDHOVEN, TAC
Eindhoven is the second city for the marathon and is the home base of Nasmak/Plus instruments. Toon Bressers (Nasmak) and Younes Riad present an electronic percussion interpretation of the Nasmak album ‘4Our clicks’. Eighties pioneers World According To (W.A.T.) will perform and also newcomers Ongemotiveerd Kunstenaars Collectief and Hunting the Robot. An all-female Minny Pops will perform a unique and one-off a kind show of the single ‘Kojak’ (Plurex 005). More acts are to be announced.

Saturday 10 March: ROTTERDAM, Worm + Tiki’s
This night will start with in Tiki’s a discussion between young and old scene heroes from Rotterdam and also Ultra-protagonist like Harold Schellinx. After the discussion it will continue in Worm with music by April, shoegaze quartet AC Berkheimer, a special Ultra set with guitar rockers Hallo Venray, experimental craziness from Redtheplaneeet and Rogier. There will also be DJ sets by Minny Pops and Gonnie Rietveld (Quando Quango). More acts are to be announced.

Sunday 11 March: AMSTERDAM, Dansmakers
This night will be a contemporary ‘Drastic Measures, Drastic Movements’ suite performance of the Minny Pops debut album from 1979.  Musical collaboration from modern classical composers Wilbert Bulsink, Bart de Vrees, Dennis Duchhart and Thomas van Myrmel. Pieter Nooten will also play a live ambient set with improv violoncellist Lucas Stam and VJ. Pianist Franz von Chossy will play his minimal music piano compositions and there are 2 short dance performances. There are only 100 tickets available for this one time only show. More acts are to be announced.

The end of Ultra2012 will be celebrated on April 7th in the Melkweg. There will be an expo and films, debates, presentations. Besides musical performances by Minny Pops, The Tapes, The Tobacconist and many others.